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Runway Café’s CARNIVAL featuring !dM deviousMind – Highlights

Just in time for the February carnival season, Runway Café presented CARNIVAL, a fashion show featuring the creations of !dM deviousMind’s Chandra Meehan, on February 8, 9 and 10, 2013, and showcased costumes inspired by Mardi Gras and Rio carnivals and Burlesque night clubs. Produced by Jena Adder and Alix Abrusso, the event was filled with vibrant colors, fluffy feathers, sparkling glitter and an amazing street carnival set.

Federica Galtier "Queen Cockatrice Di'Lite" TANGERINE

Federica Galtier wearing “Queen Cockatrice Di’Lite” TANGERINE

Locuala Madruga wearing  "La Chouette Du Paradis" BLACK

Locuala Madruga wearing “La Chouette Du Paradis” BLACK

Algezares Magic wearing "Perola do Brasil" KIWI

Algezares Magic wearing “Perola do Brasil” KIWI

Hosted by DJ Sofia Diage and broadcased by BoSL Radio, the event featured many stylings that ranged from cute and fruity to wild and wacky, and the music had guests dancing in the streets. The models went from somba dances in the balconies to gliding gracefully onto the courtyard to showcase their costumes. There was something for every street carnival enthusiast.



View more CARNIVAL highlights

Many thanks and congratulations to the talented Chandra Meehan on a fabulous, electrifying showcase of jaw-dropping, stunning creations. It was an honour to feature deviousMind at Runway Café, and we encourage everyone to check out the Chanimations and deviousMind sim where you’ll discover beautiful cabaret and carnival costumes, props, poses, sets and  everything you’ll need to satisfy the deviant in you.


Alethia Bonham
Algezares Magic
DiamondGem Destiny
Federica Galtier
Ficceh Resident
Kellis Denimore
Locuala Madruga
Michela Benazzi
Raven Resident
Suga Leaky

Alix Abruzzo, Runway Café Owner/CEO
Jena Adder, Producer & Script Writer
River Anwyl, Stylist
Sofia Diage, DJ/Host
Nathalia Parisi, Set Design & Construction
LiquidH3ll Carter, Graphics
Tillie Ariantho, Photographer
Shadow78 Tyran and Micol Choche, Support

BoSL Radio

Chanimations/!dM deviousMind Store
Chanimations/!dM deviousMind Blog
Chandra’s CARNIVAL Epilog
Runway Café CARNIVAL Photos

Jena Adder
Runway Café Producer

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