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Runway Cafe’s “One In A Million Designer” Challenge

One In A Million Designer logo

GOAL: Challenge designers to create an exciting new entire clothing ensemble for avatars.  Open to all clothing designers for male and female avatars in SL.

PRIZES:  1 Million Lindens, 750K cash and 250K in advertising and promotion in some of SL’s popular publications for 2 months.  This is awarded to the winner of the contest.

RULES: Create a completely new and unique outfit, not from a template.  Must be totally original.  Your challenge is to create an ENTIRE look, from top to bottom.  Not only will you design a new outfit, but also put together a whole look for the avatar, from hair to shoes to jewelry etc.  You may pair your clothing design with any accessories you wish including shoes, hair, jewelry, bags, etc.   You have until August 31 to design and create this look and submit photos to Runway Café.  You will submit 3 photos of this creation to us for consideration, with a description of the outfit, what your concept/theme is, and the names of any other accessory designer you chose to include in your whole look.  Your entry must be a COMPLETE outfit in order to be considered.

Your design will be judged by a distinguished panel of fashion judges in SL.  We will select 50 designs to move forward to the next round.  You will be notified by Runway Café if you have been chosen for selection and the names  of those selected will be posted on our web page as well as the Moolto website.  These designers will then move on to the next round of eliminations to be held in September at Runway Café.  The deadline for your initial entry is August 31.

If your design is chosen, you will be required to submit the ENTIRE ensemble to our model at Runway Café by September 10th.  We will produce a series of fashion shows using our Runway Café models to showcase the selected designs for those 50 entries.  These shows will take place on September 17 and 24.  Our panel of judges will then select 25 to move to the next round (semifinals).  Designer attendance at these shows is NOT mandatory in order to proceed to the next round.

In the semifinal round, you will be asked to submit this time a completely new, SECOND ensemble. You will have until October 3rd to submit to us this new creation.  You may of course prepare this in advance, but you will not be asked to provide this design collection to Runway Café unless you have been selected to proceed to this round, the semifinals.  These will be held October 8th at Runway Café, and again judged by our panel.

We will again judge and select 10 of those to move to the finals, which will be held at Patch Thiebaud Auditorium October 15th.  If you are selected for the finals, the designer will decide which of the two ensembles they have created will be shown in the final event.  The designer must decide which of their two submissions they wish to be in the finals by October 10th.

You may use any accessories you wish to complete your outfit, and you may choose to partner with any accessory designer including hair, jewelry, skins, etc to complete your looks.  The final result should be a brand new, totally innovative, exciting outfit for a male or female avatar that best demonstrates your creativity as a designer in Second Life.

These creations will be your own and you reserve all rights to sell them and to make, AFTER this contest ends (October 15, 2011), all variations in colors or anything else.

We just need you to apply to this contest with something completely new.

After we have your entry, Runway Café Staff will do all the work for you.

This contest is sponsored by:


  • Create your initial design
  • Make 3 photos (all angles preferably) of it
  • Contact Nino Heartsdale who will help you submit your entry.


After you have made a new complete ensemble and sent 3 photographs of it and requested the help of our staff to post, YOUR WORK IS ALL DONE until you have been selected to proceed to the semifinals, at which time we will request your second complete design.

You will be gladly invited to participate in all the events/phases following.

You will  automatically receive an update from our staff on how the contest is proceeding.  Your presence is not required during the initial phases of the contest, however we do kindly recommend and request your presence at the finals, should you be chosen to participate.  At this level of competition and prize money, we would expect the designers themselves to be in attendance, especially if they are to be awarded the One in a Million Prize.  If for some reason you are not personally able to attend this final event, and your designs are included in the finals, you must notify Alix Abruzzo or Nino Heartsdale well in advance.

The final winner will be chosen by our distinguished panel of judges, and be awarded the grand prize of 1 Million Linden, and the title of ‘One in a Million Designer’ at the conclusion of the Finals.

Runway Café reserves the right to modify or amend this challenge as deemed necessary, or to cancel the entire challenge in the event of lack of entries etc.

On behalf of Runway Café and our sponsors, we lay down this challenge, and wish you all good luck!!

Alix Abruzzo…CEO
Nino Heartsdale…Director
Jena Adder….Producer

Runway Café

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