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Runway Cafe “Beach Party” Cruised to Success!

We are still buzzing from our First Annual “Beach Party” Fashion Event that happened on June 5th at Karaoke Cove. Guests came out in droves wearing their beachwear and party hats.

Beach Party Guests/Models

The sim was almost at capacity as the activities began with a fashion show featuring designs by Sassy Nitely, Giz Seorn and Vitamen Hax, who delighted us with their daring swimwear and summer outfits. Our models brought the fun (and in some cases the danger), as they graced the runway in Sas-it-up string bikinis, Vitamen thongs for men, and GizzA summer dresses and ensembles. Oh, and what a treat it was to see exotic birds, a monkey, a snake and a tiger on the runway.

Beach Party Guests

Our host and DJ Tristain Savon did not disappoint as he heated up the dance floor with a mix of Caribbean and South American beats for all to enjoy during the show. Guests were treated to great music, beach balls that fell from the sky and big cash winnings from our Sploder at the after party, and budding artists graced the stage for the live karaoke that followed. View more photos here

Beach Party Guests

The L$2500 grand prize WINNER of our “Beach Party” Photo Contest was Mozart Loordes. We loved his use of birds, drinks and food props, and a pose that is perfect for the occasion.

RC Beach Party Photo Contest - Mozart Loordes

A second prize of L$1000 was awarded to Monica Querrien who dazzled us with her hula hoop and great smile. Congratulations to the winners. Thank you to everyone who participated in the contest and for showing off your “Beach Party” style. View them all here.

RC Beach Party Photo Contest - Monica Querrien

Many thanks to Toxic Darkmatter and SgtMajor Resident (Sarge), owners of Karaoke Cove, for an amazing venue. Thank you to Liquid Carter (set designer), Dick Pudles (graphic designer), and the entire Karaoke Cove team who helped to make this event possible.

Don’t forget to visit the Runway Cafe inworld and touch any of our Subscribe-o-matic signs to join and receive information about upcoming fashion shows and live events. Joining is free and doesn’t take up valuable group space.

Your Runway Cafe team:

Models: Alethia Bonham, Angelik Lavecchia, Aphrodite Brianna, Ewan Crumb, Katherine Comet, Latrelly Flux , Maddox Kaestner, Matteo Bettencourt, Seleane Triellis

Host/DJ: Tristain Savon, Vengeance Media
Runway Cafe Owner: Alix Abruzzo
Runway Cafe Producer: Jena Adder
Model Coordinator: Angelik Lavecchia
Photographer: Naoki Enyo


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